Affordable National Credit Repair Programs

Get professional assistance in repairing your credit score so you can get a loan, mortgage, or other line of credit needed to improve your living situation. By working with the experienced professionals at Global Credit Repair Services LLC, you can have various items deleted completely from your credit report, resulting in a higher score and more credit opportunities. With more than 20 years of experience, we offer several in-depth credit programs designed to suit a variety of specific situations.

Credit Inquiry Repair

One of our most basic and popular credit repair programs is our credit inquiry repair program. In this program, we challenge and remove unauthorized and false credit score requests, each of which is capable of lowering your score by several points. In many cases, you may not even be aware that your credit score is being requested numerous times, so your score is being lowered quickly without your knowledge.

Basic Credit Repair

For more in-depth credit repair, we recommend our basic repair program. During this program, our credit professionals analyze your credit history and work to have various negative items removed permanently. From false charges and inaccurate items to outdated or paid-off bills, we’re able to challenge any item on your credit history. We have high success rates and many happy customers, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Credit Renovation

Did you short sell real estate recently? While these types of sales effectively eliminate your debt on the property, they can show up as negative hits on your credit report. By utilizing our credit renovation program, you’re able to clear your credit history of everything included in the inquiry and basic credit repair programs plus any foreclosures or property short sales.

In-Depth Credit Repair

Our elite credit repair program covers all items on your credit history plus bankruptcies and judgments against you. It is a common myth that a bankruptcy declaration and any other negative items “disappear” from your credit report after seven to 10 years, but this is not generally the case. Our credit management team is able to challenge and remove many negative items from your credit report so that you’re able to start establishing positive credit again.

Get in touch with our credit team today to start improving your credit score.