Helping Delete Negative Items from Your Credit Report

In addition to credit inquiries, there are a number of other instances that can result in a negative hit to your credit score. The credit management professionals at Global Credit Repair Services LLC are able to help delete negative items from your credit report so that you can raise your credit score and enjoy the benefits. Whether you’re aiming to buy a new car, house, boat, or simply want to open a new line of credit, we’re able to help you achieve your financial goals.

How Do We Remove Negative Items from Your Credit Report?

It may seem impossible to remove negative items from your credit report, but our team excels at it. We utilize our in-depth knowledge in federal credit-related laws to dispute and eventually remove evictions, late payments, collection accounts, and other negative items from your credit history. Over time, the removal of these items causes your credit score to increase, enabling you to qualify for lower interest rates, higher credit limits, and more loans.

What Items Are We Able to Help Remove from Your History?

Did your credit score drop due to a supposed late payment or fraudulent credit inquiry that you have no recollection of? Chances are, there are numerous errors on your credit report that can be disputed and removed in order to improve your score. Anything from false credit inquiries to very old negative items can be disputed and removed. Your credit management team is able to dispute and remove late payments, collection accounts, charge-off accounts, negative rental history, evictions, medical and hospital bills, and credit inquiries. In addition, we’re able to handle foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Using Our In-Depth Knowledge of Federal Credit Fairness Laws

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, known as FCRA, was enacted in 1970 to promote fairness, accuracy, and the privacy of private information gathered by Credit Reporting Agencies like Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian. In-depth amendments to the FCRA were made in the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act of 1996 which further protect your rights regarding your credit report. These laws allow you to dispute and remove any inaccurate information on your credit report. We use our knowledge of these laws to your advantage to help remove negative items from all three credit agencies’ reports.

Start improving your credit history by reaching out to our credit management professionals today.