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I had an awesome job as an Engineer at Ford Motor Company, due to a layoff when the economy went south I lost my $80,000 dollar a year job. Needless to say I was totally devastated, all my credit cards were maxed out, and I was so stressed out that I started seeing a psychologist. Bills kept piling up, my unemployment was not enough, and my wife was having to work two part-time jobs just to help out. We consulted with a local attorney and she advised us that in order to avoid getting sued by the credit card companies we should declare bankruptcy. I was not going to do a bankruptcy, I was not raised that way so we continued to try and keep things going. A couple months went by as we kept on paying bills which depleted our savings. We didn’t have much in savings anyway so I started to feel the pressure of not having an income. We went back to meet with the attorney and decided to file the bankruptcy. I was not happy at all with myself, with the economy, and with my credit getting wrecked from not paying numerous bills on time. But my wife and I did the bankruptcy and things cleared up for a while after that. The bankruptcy did not improve our credit much. Most lenders frowned on the fact that we had a bankruptcy, and I was told it would only be on my credit for 7 to 10 years. Well that was a lie. Ten years went by, Eleven years went by, Twelve years went by and still the bankruptcy was on both me and my wife’s credit reports. So we saw an advertisement for Global Credit Repair Services and called them. We both joined and in a couple months the bankruptcy was removed from our credit history along with all the accounts listed in the bankruptcy. Job well done.

WILTON A. – Basking Ridge, New Jersey

I am a single mom with a great job. I joined the credit repair program with a 700 credit score hoping to improve my score before I refinanced my house for my two kids. After the Case Management Team finished working on my credit I was super happy. My credit score went from a 700 to a 765 which allowed me to get approved for a better interest rate than I would have with the 700 score. Awesome. Thank you.

ALLANTE M. – Baltimore, Maryland

When my car broke down I took it to the shop and they said I had a blown head gasket that would cost more than $2,000 dollars to fix. I was like bump that, left the mechanics shop and went to the car dealership to trade in the car. After several hours of haggling with the car dealer I left in a used Audi A6 and was styling. That night I picked up my girlfriend to take her out to dinner and surprised her with my new ride. We had an awesome night! Well later in the week the car dealership called and said I had to bring the car back. I was like what the heck are you talking about, I already traded in my car and bought a new one. I’m not taking the car back. Then the manager explained they weren’t able to get me financed after all so I was stuck. I brought the car back, got the old keys to my junker car that was about to break down, and before I left the salesman Reggie pulled me aside and told me to call these credit repair people. I was like are you sure. He said yeah, call them right away. So I did. I worked with Jackie and she helped to get my credit report corrected. I had what was called duplicate accounts where one account is listed several times by more than one collection agency. I borrowed my dad’s car while they were working on my credit. When they were done I took my junker car back, and got approved for a new BMW which was what I wanted anyway. Super Happy. Thanks Jackie!!!

SHERMIN R. – Boise, Idaho